State Executive Development Institute

State Executive Development Institute

The State Executive Development Institute (SEDI) is an executive style,  graduate level, program offered by The Stennis Institute for over 20 years. The Institute is designed to prepare mid to upper level state and local government executives to be more effective leaders.

About the Program

SEDI is an application-based program designed to prepare mid to upper-level state and local government executives to be more effective leaders.

During the weeklong, intensive course, a broad range of topics are delivered by state and local officials, nationally recognized leaders, and Mississippi State University’s premier teaching and research faculty. Curriculum topics include leadership, management theory and skills, conflict resolution, cybersecurity, and other pertinent issues facing our future state leaders. Participants in the class will network with other state executives as well as the Institute faculty and leadership.


Eligibility & Process

Nominations are open to everyone. There are agencies who self-regulate who are nominated in a particular year, but each cohort is selected by a three-person committee whose purpose is to put together the best class for that year. The committee selects up to 25 participants and 2 alternates. However, there is an element of quality control in that previous years when the class was smaller and still rejected nominations.

2024 Nomination Form

The 2024 State Executive Development Institute (SEDI) will be May 12-17, 2024. Nominations for SEDI 2024 are now closed. 

Interested executives should complete the application, and SEDI Program Director, Frank Riley, will be in contact with you as the selection process continues.

Earn Credit

Additionally, the SEDI may be taken for credit in the Master and/or Ph.D. of Public Policy at Mississippi State University. Please contact Dallas Breen at for more information. Additional fees and prerequisites may apply.