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Welcome to SEDI 2016

Greetings from myself and our institute director, Dr. Eddie French.


First off, I hope you are ready for an exciting week because we have a lot in store for you all in the name of better state government.  A couple of general suggestions and then some pre-class assignments.


  • Be open to new ideas
  • Participate
  • Meet someone new that you may use as a resource later on down the road
  • Ask questions (the only wrong question is one that isn’t asked)


Later on this week I will be posting some suggestions as to when to be there, what to bring, and what you may need. But for now I wanted to get a post up here that included some cases we will be using.  While I cannot require you to read these before class, I would encourage you to do so.


More later.


I am looking forward to our week together.