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City board eyes comprehensive plan process

The Corinth Board of Mayor and Aldermen is taking a second look at entering a comprehensive planning process that would create a roadmap for future development of the city.

Last year, the board heard two presentations from the Orion Planning Group but ultimately did not enter the process, which is said to cost around $150,000. During the board’s planning retreat at Pickwick on July 21, Joe Fratesi of the Stennis Institute of Government encouraged the board to reconsider.

The city likely hasn’t been through the process since the 1960s or 1970s, when a number of municipalities did it because it was required to tap into certain federal funds.

“With about 15,000 people, all the assets we talked about and fantastic opportunities for growth that you have, Corinth could, in my opinion, greatly benefit from having an updated plan,” said Fratesi. “That plan helps you have control and decide how the community is going to grow…

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by Jebb Johnston