Staff Member Profile

Dr. Joe Fratesi

Project Director

Areas of Expertise: Community Development, Strategic Doing, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Workforce Development

Phone: 662-325-6797


Dr. Joseph N. Fratesi is the Project Director with the Stennis Institute at Mississippi State University (MSU). In this role, he is responsible for coordinating project and program activities related to community and economic development, with special emphasis on those projects relating to project management and results-based planning. For over 13 years Dr. Fratesi has been working in and with local communities throughout Mississippi and Tennessee. He has a strong passion for and a commitment to helping communities realize their own potential and capacities. Dr. Fratesi brings a deep understanding of practical community engagement and development tools and strategies to each project. The result is inspired community members armed with clear results to be achieved and the needed project management tools to achieve them. Prior to joining the Stennis Institute in 2010, Dr. Fratesi was Interim Director of the Mississippi State Community Action, a Governmental Training Specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, and a City Planner for the City of Germantown, TN. Dr. Fratesi holds a B.S. degree in History, a Master's Degree in Public Policy and Administration, and a Ph.D. in Education, all awarded from Mississippi State University. He is an active volunteer and advocate for community engagement in his own town, where he is involved with several improvement efforts and organizations. Dr. Fratesi and his wife Sarah are the proud parents of three children and reside in Starkville, MS.