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Mississippi Mayors’ Forum

Mississippi Mayors’ Forum

The Mississippi Mayors’ Forum (MMF) is an exciting new assistance opportunity developed in collaboration between the John. C. Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development at Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Municipal League. The program provides a select group ofMississippi Mayors with access to a panel of resource professionals who will assist in the identification and development of implementable solutions to specific challenges impacting their community.




Program Structure

The MMF consists of an organized 1.5 day session, held in Starkville, Mississippi on June 22-23, 2017. During the forum, a select group of Mississippi mayors present specific community challenges they are currently facing to a resource panel of landscape architects, architects, planners, and design experts. Following each presentation, the mayors and resource panel will identify important issues, offer feedback, and develop potential solutions. Receiving honest and unbiased feedback from the panel has proven to be an invaluable experience for former participants.


Forum Focus

While the specific challenges presented by the participating mayors during the MMF are unique, all fall under a similar theme or focus. The 2017 MMF focuses on planning and design related issues, which could include topics such as land use planning, future development decisions, enhancing pedestrian accessibility, redevelopment of downtown areas, connecting local assets, or using design to enhance the quality of life in your community.


Forum Criteria

(1) The Mississippi Mayors’ Forum is limited to no more than six (6) participants

(2) Priority may be given to mayors who have successfully obtained the Basic CMO certification through the MML

(3) All effort will be made to select communities from throughout all regions of Mississippi

(4) Completed applications must be submitted on or before March 15, 2017.


Program Costs and Accommodations

If selected, participants will be notified and a program fee of $550 will be due prior to the event. The program fee covers all meals and materials during the session; however, participants will be responsible for covering any travel and lodging costs associated with attending the program. If selected, additional information regarding lodging will be provided.