MPPA Capstone

PSPA Capstone


As part of a working collaboration between the Stennis Institute and the Political Science and Public Administration department at Mississippi State University, the Institute provides the instruction, project initiation, and guidance for the last-semester Capstone students.  The capstone project is a hands-on, real-world experience for the students, teaching them how to work in groups, provide sound policy insight, and guide individuals, agencies, and/or communities through issues they might be experiencing.  The capstone students have a number of working policy documents, project handbooks, and reports, which will be shared on this website as they become available.


Professor and Executive Director Dr. P. Edward French provides the course oversight.  Dr. Dallas Breen is responsible for the project development, course curriculum development, and instruction throughout.  Others at the Institute provide assistance with individual projects.  These individuals include Tyson Elbert, Dr. Joe Fratesi, Claudette Jones, and others.


For more information, please contact Dr. Ed French or Dr. Dallas Breen at 662-325-3328.


Project Listing (and year):