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Graduate Research Spotlight

Welcome to the newly launched Graduate Student Spotlight!

This effort aims to promote the talents of the graduate research staff at the Institute. In this section of our website, we will display the writings and talents of our graduate students within the Institute.  Each of the students’ efforts are done at the Institute, utilizing the various staff as experts for each report.  If you find something you enjoy reading, please take a moment out to reach out to the graduate students and offer your insight/input.

We welcome feedback on each and every piece, as this opportunity provides graduate students the platform to research, publish, and receive feedback on their work.  The work comes under the guidance of the Stennis Institute Executive Director, Dr. Dallas Breen, and is in conjunction with the Political Science and Public Administration Department at Mississippi State University.

We thank you for visiting the website and hope you enjoy our new sections.

Graduate Student Spotlight: Technical & Political Briefs

Election Playbook Series

The election playbook series is a three-part series examining the trends from the 2016 United States Presidential (and Congressional) election.  The first in the series examines the election a week before the election.  The second examines the election day trends.  The final identifyies the results and any surprises/deviations from original expectations from the election.

The 2016 Election Playbook: Election Follow-up (Part 3 of 3) (D. Camp Pittman)

The 2016 Election Playbook: Election Day (Part 2 of 3) (D. Camp Pittman)

The 2016 Election Playbook (Part 1 of 3) (D. Camp Pittman)

Policy Briefs

FLSA: Defining and Delimiting the Exemptions for (employees) and its Impact on MS Government (Taylor Mullins)

Graduate Student Spotlight: M.P.P.A. Capstone Projects

Working with the Political Science and Public Administration faculty at Mississippi State University, the staff at the Stennis Institute lead last-semester Master of Public Policy and Administration students through a hands-on applied research project for local communities and agencies.

Internet Sales Tax: An Exploration

Measuring the Associated Costs of Converting MSU’s Student/Public Transit System to CNG