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Downtown Starkville Parking Inventory & Analysis Report

The Stennis Institute staff of Dr. Joe Fratesi and Mr. Jeremy Murdock, together with assistance from the Master of Public Policy and Administration Capstone students, have completed their analysis of the current parking inventory in Downtown Starkville, MS.  The team utilized the original efforts of the Capstone group and added expert insight and analysis for the finalization of this report.


To access the report, CLICK HERE


About the MPPA Capstone Course

The MPPA Capstone is the final course in the MPPA program at Mississippi State University.  The Capstone students are led through hands-on projects during their last semester.  The culmination of this effort is a final report, which is then disseminated by the SIG staff.


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For information about the Capstone program, please contact Capstone Professor and SIG Executive Director Dr. Dallas Breen.