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Brandon Presley, PSC Chair, Discussing Rural Mississippi

Public Service Commission Chairman Brandon Presley said the PSC will be pushing for access to internet, natural gas, water and other services in rural parts of Mississippi.

“There is no bigger thumbing of the nose at our rural areas than to leave those areas out in technology and services that are enjoyed by metropolitan areas,” Presley said Monday, addressing the Stennis Institute of Government’s Capitol press corps luncheon.

“It’s a shame and a disgrace … These are serious issues in the rural parts of Mississippi, place that unfortunately are forgotten about in state government, forgotten about under the state Capitol and forgotten about in the halls of power throughout the country.”

Presley likened the importance of the effort to provide internet services to rural areas to the push decades ago to provide electricity to rural America. He said providing other services, such as natural gas, “will improve the quality of life and lower the coast of living.”


Video of Press Luncheon


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