John C. Stennis Institute for Government

Polling Center

The Polling Center for Government and Business Development is a collaboration between the Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development and the National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center (nSPARC) at Mississippi State University.  Combining the unique talents of both organizations, the Polling Center uses a multidisciplinary approach to investigate some of the most difficult questions facing governments and business alike.
The Polling Center boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, complete with 29 individual call stations utilizing the latest in polling and survey software from industry leader VOXCO.  The Polling Center occupies more than 2,400 square feet of the Thad Cochran Research and Economic Development Center’s Multi-Tenant Building located on the Mississippi State University campus.
The Polling Center employs phone interviewers, research staff, and University faculty to collect, analyze, and report data.  The Polling Center is proud of its ability to provide fast, reliable, and understandable research findings at a reasonable cost.
The Polling Center provides an array of survey, analysis, and reporting products and services for its clients.  These products and services include:
-        Telephone Interviews
-        Web-based interviews
-        Mail/Email Surveys
-        Automated Surveying
-        In-person Surveying
-        Data Analysis
-        Full-featured Reporting
For more information, please contact Joseph “Dallas” Breen, Associate Director, Stennis Institute at 662-325-3328.


The Polling Center for Government and Business Development