John C. Stennis Institute for Government

Advisory Board

The John C. Stennis Institute Advisory Board answers questions, creates policy, advocates, and provides informed guidance to the John C. Stennis Institute of Government.  The Advisory Board receives monthly updates on the Institute’s activities and is invited, when possible, to a semi-annual meeting series, held once a year in Jackson, MS, and once a year in Starkville, MS, on the Mississippi State University Campus.
The 2014 Advisory Board Members include:
Tommie Cardin
Beth Clay
Ben Collins
Johnny Dupree
Mike Espy
Haley Fisackerly
Oleta Fitzgerald
Sharon Fleming
Nehemiah Flowers
Steve Gray
Joyce Hunt
Susan Ingram
Steve Janzen
Jerry Mitchell
KC Morrison
Ben Needham
Knox Ross
Randy Russell
Sid Salter
Todd Stennis
Cindy Stevens
Grace Terpstra
Shari Veazey
Jane Waide
Bill Waller
Wayne Weidie
Leanne Whitehead
Lee Weiskopf
Blake Wilson
Joel Yelverton